RHONY’s Countess Luann and Desmond Child Debut ‘Viva La Diva’ and It’s Camp Heaven

“I told ya money doesn’t buy you class, but a diva has needs” Countess Luann belts out in the opening of her new delightfully camp pop anthem Viva La Diva. For the track Lu has teamed up with superproducer Desmond Child who has produced mammoth hits for Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and KISS, as well as navigating a successful career as a performer himself. The track is all about embracing your inner diva and getting some “diva attitude.”

With an undeniably catchy chorus Luann croons “Viva la diva, viva la diva, here’s to the diva deep in you, diva, diva, diva…” whilst the tongue-in-cheek verses dip into Lu’s fabulous larger than life persona: “See these rings? They’re mine. See these shoes? They’re Jimmy Choo? See this faux fur? It’s cruelty free, like me.”

Set against a very New York video – Lu performs in a cabaret club intercut with shots of the city’s iconic skyline. We couldn’t love the track anymore than we do already. Lu is a tremendous performer who delights with her high-octane cabaret. We know she’s got an incredible album in her and maybe Desmond Child is the perfect producer to capture that from her.

Lu’s previous anthems include: Feeling Jovani, Girl Code, Money Can’t Buy You Class, and Chic C’est La Vie. They are all available on Spotify.

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