Tom Aspaul Releases New Anthem ‘Tender’

Tom Aspaul blesses us with another bop from his upcoming Black Country Disco album – the impressive Tender. This marks the fourth single from the LP, following Traces, Close 2 Me, and W.M.

Tender strikes a chord with its honest lyrics about coming to terms with the inevitable end of a relationship as Tom notes: “Tender” is a bittersweet song written right at the beginning of the end of a relationship. Some of the thoughts and feelings I had seem so naive now, but they’re a true representation of the ups and downs you go through.”

The new track is inspired by classic Italo Disco sounds: “I was listening to a lot of Italo Disco at the time and wanted the production to sound as chirpy and cute as possible, while keeping the lyrics introspective and melancholy – Pop Music 101!” Tender is a great example of a track with upbeat, positive production, yet exploring concepts which are traditionally sad. Lyrics like “I could see it in your eyes / Sleepwalking through our lives” tap into some of the challenging pre-break-up emotions and realities.

The track is written by Gil Lewis and Tom. Stream Tender above.

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