Willem Dafoe Stars in the Trailer for Abel Ferrara’s ‘Tommaso’

Although debuting at Cannes in 2019, Tommaso – the latest collaboration between auteur Abel Ferrara and his regular collaborator Willem Dafoe only debuts this week. The projects sees Willem Dafoe star as an American artist living in Rome with his family, played by Abel Ferrara’s real-life wife and daughter. Their tumultuous relationship is set against his day to day life as a teacher, ex-pat, and recovering addict.

The pair first collaborated on 1998’s New Rose Hotel and went on to work on 2007’s Go Go Tales. More experimental projects, low-budget projects have followed including 2011’s: 4:44 Last Day on Earth and 2014’s sublime Pasolini biopic. After the release of Tommaso, the duo will be gearing up to release 2020’s Siberia.

Siberia debuted at the Berlin Film Festival this year which Guy Lodge of Variety described as a “beautiful, unhinged, sometimes hilarious trek into geographical and psychological wilderness that will delight some and mystify many others”.

Tommaso is available to stream from today.

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