Eurovision: Ukraine’s Vidbir 2020 – Our Highlights

As we continue to drown in National Selections, Culture Fix are here to trim the fat and present the best of the bunch for you. Now is the turn of Ukraine’s Vidbir 2020.

KHAYAT – Call For Love

This atmospheric anthem hits like a sledgehammer – blending traditional Ukranian sounds with slick dance beats and KHAYAT’s distinctive vocals. The flute assisted dance break takes this one to another level, helping it shine as a Vidbir standout.

Moonzoo & FMF Sure – Maze

Another dancefloor ready track, Moonzoo’s Maze slowly builds to reveal an infectious drum loop before turning into a silky disco number. Moonzoo’s cold detached quality gives this a Pet Shop Boys esque quality – which is obviously by no means a bad thing. We’re not entirely sold on FMF Sure’s rap though.

Elina Ivashchenko – Get Up

Get Up is a poignant ballad from Elina Ivaschenko which ticks all the boxes of a traditional Euroballad – crystal clear vocals, heartfelt lyrics and a dramatic key change.

Assol – Save It

With a brass intro, Assol’s Save It ascends with its smooth electronic arrangements ultimately blending in the track’s catchy chorus. The backing chorus lifts Save It to another level in the final minute.

Jerry Heil – Vegan

Jerry Heil delivers a little bit of European eccentricity with Vegan – a quirky little pop number that actually shines as a solid pop track – and not simply one with novelty value. Jerry sounds great and the savvy self-aware lyrics bring a sense of fun and danceability to the fold.

Cloudless – Drown Me Down

There’s some manband attitude in Cloudless’ call to arms, Drown Me Down, an electronic pop-track filled with infectious Woohoo harmonies, dramatic lyrics, and slick accented vocals.

Garna – Who We Are

Whilst not quite as traditional as the other ballads we’ve highlighted Garna’s Who We Are? is nonetheless a solid anthem that pairs the classic tropes of the Euroballad with some interesting technical techniques through the near-experimental electronic production and vocal effects.