Melodi Grand Prix 2020: Our Thoughts on the Tracks So Far (Semi-Final 5)

Elin & The Woods – “We Are As One”

Elin & The Woods’ We Are As One attempts to tap into the success of Keiino’s Spirit in the Sky by combining pop hooks with indigenous language. The results aren’t as successful with We Are As One lacking the infectious staying power of Keiino’s euro favourite.

Jenny Jenssen – “Mr. Hello”

There’s a place for this kitsch type of throwback track (if Christina’s Candyman has taught us anything), and Jenny Jenssen radiates fun and positivity on Mr Hello which feels like a classic Bette Midler anthem. It’s charming, utterly pleasant nostalgic fun. We love ya Jenny!

Kevin Boine – “Stem på mæ”

Translating as Vote For Me, Kevin Boine’s entry is a foot-stomping floorfiller not without its charms. Boine has made a success of himself singing in the Norwegian language – and is hoping that continues with his 2020 Melodi Grand Prix entry.

Liza Vassilieva – “I Am Gay”

Russian born Liza Vassilieva may not be gay herself, but her track I Am Gay sets itself it up as anthem of acceptance and LGBT pride. It’s a catchy contemporary pop track, but the cynic in us is cautious this is tasteless pandering to the ESC LGBT fanbase.

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