Eurovision 2020: Rating the ‘Australia Decides – Gold Coast 2020′ Entries

Ten contenders will vie to be selected as Australia’s Eurovision Song Contest contender at Australia Decides – Gold Coast 2020 – the nation’s selection programme. We’ve given our verdict on all the songs below.

Casey Donovan – Proud

Theatrical delivery and a message of inspiration helps Australian Idol star Casey Donovan’s Proud shine. A rousing message and defiant vocals from Casey ensure this is a confident, likeable track and welcome contender at Australia Decides.

Diana Rouvas – Can We Make Heaven

Diana Rouvas’ Can We Make Heaven feels like a Eurovision ready anthem thanks to emotive lyrics, a soaring pop chorus and stunning vocals from its chanteuse. Alongside Mitch Tambo’s Together, this is a clear standout.

Didirri – “Raw Stuff”

There’s something of Rufus Wainwright in Didirri’s Raw Stuff, a contemplative piano number – undoubtedly hoping to tap into the success of Duncan Laurence’s Arcade. The young musician has crafted a rousing ballad and has a clear skill as a singer-songwriter, but this could get swallowed up amongst more ambitious productions.

iOTA – Life

Sonically very different to the other competitors, iOTA’s Life, a nostalgic piano pop number falling somewhere between Billy Joel and Mika. A left field choice, iOTA (real name Sean Hape) has appeared in Mad Max: Fury Road and The Great Gatsby – as well as numerous stage productions, including Hedwig and the Angry Itch and The Rocky Horror Show.

Jack Vigden – I Am King I Am Queen

Australia’s Got Talent and AGT: The Champion’s Star Jack Vigden appears to be the current favourite with this emotive ballad I Am King I Am Queen. The track centred on self-acceptance is likely to tap an emotional nerve with listeners.

Jaguar Jonze – Rabbit Hole

If Rabbit Hole manages to incorporate some of the magnificent yellow aesthetic of its video into its staging then it could elevate the song. This alternative pop track will undoubtedly have its fans, but for us its melody is a little chaotic resulting in a listen that isn’t massively enjoyable.

Jordan-Ravi – Pushing Stars

America’s Got Talent star Jordan-Ravi attempts to represent his country with Pushing Stars – a technically slick and vocally competent track, yet this entry does not massively highlight the diversity and unique appeal that Australia has been bringing to ESC in recent years. Fine but forgettable.

Mitch Tambo – Together

Opening with didgeridoo and Gamilaraay language, Mitch Tambo’s Together progresses into a rousing Aussie anthem. Penned by Roberto De Sa, Isabella Kearney-Nurse, and Andy Hopkins, Together would provide Australia’s first entry that showcases its native heritage in a contemporary pop fashion.

Montaigne – Don’t Break Me

Don’t Break Me is a polished pop number, performed confidently by Montaigne. However sometimes polished pop is not enough and standards are high for Eurovision – the track is not quite distinct enough to leave a lasting impression. It’s incredibly familiar and lacking the originality of some of the Contest’s other contenders.

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Vanessa Amorosi – Lessons of Love

The most high profile of the Australia Decides entries of 2020 is Vanessa Amorosi of Absolutely Everybody fame. Sonically very different to her biggest hit, Lessons of Love is a ballad racked with emotion which shows of Amororsi’s powerful high vocal range. It’s a perfect fit for Eurovision and its performer’s confidence and experience should guarantee quite the spectacle.

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