Country: Sam Hunt Finally Announces Second Album ‘Southside’, Releases Single ‘Hard To Forget’

Sam Hunt’s second album is surely one of the most anticipated sophomore LPs in the world of country music. He’s steadily been releasing tracks from since 2017 and has now finally set an April 3rd release date in stone.

The singer has also released Hard To Forget – a Summer-tinged party track that interestingly samples 1950s Webb Pierce country standard “There Stands the Glass.” The track’s intro feels like it could quickly come a viral hit, thanks to platforms like Tik Tok. Hardcore country die-hards have been critical of Hunt’s pop and R&B flavoured style, so this will also perhaps please them.

The album Southside also features 2017 country number one Body Like a Backroad, 2017’s Drinkin’ Too Much, 2018’s Downtown’s Dead and the more recent Kinfolks and Sinning With You.

1. 2016
2. Hard to Forget
3. Kinfolks
4. Young Once
5. Body Like a Backroad
6. That Ain’t Beautiful
7. Let It Down
8. Downtown’s Dead
9. Nothing Lasts Forever
10. Sinning With You
11. Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90s
12. Drinkin’ Too Much

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