Melodi Grand Prix 2020: Our Thoughts on the Tracks So Far (Semi-Final 4)

We may not have had much luck last week with our favourites Alexandru and Sie Gubba not making it through Semi Final 3 of Norway’s MGP 2020. Let’s see if our predictions for Semi-Final 4 – to be held this Saturday (1st Feb) – have more success.

Hege Bjerk – “Pang”

There is a hypnotic charm to Hege Bjerk’s entry Pang with its bubbling synths and its singer’s sharp, distinct vocal delivery. With only Akuvi’s “Som du er” as the only Norwegian language track in the final so far, audiences may be hungry for more representation which Hege could provide.

Magnus Bokn – “Over the Sea”

There’s a nostalgic charm in Magnus Bokn’s Over the Sea, a woozy and soft mid-tempo brimming with charm. As the track progresses it blends fiddles, guitars, and electronic production, crafting a contemporary sea shanty. Consider us charmed by this entry.

Nordic Tenors – “In This Special Place”

Another massively classic entry is Nordic Tenor’s In This Special Place, a gushing sentimental operatic ballad that feels like it has been yanked from a Broadway soundtrack. Unlikely to be a winner, but there is a place for this schmaltzy little number – perhaps just not a special one.

Oda Loves You – “Love Who We Love”

Undoubtedly the most contemporary and chart ready sounding of all entries, Oda Loves You’s Love Who We Love feels like a big Pride banger in which the lyrics may strike a chord with many in the ESC’s LGBT fan community. It’s a slick, polished and dancefloor ready anthem that has the potential to go off on Saturday night.