Music: Markus Riva Returns with ‘Impossible’

Latvian pop hunk and host of his nations version of The X Factor, Markus Riva, returns with a brand new single, titled Impossible. The track is an anthemic slice of electronic pop and hints at a new English-language musical era from the singer who has just recently released the excellent Latvian album Laika Upe.

Impossible is written by former Eurovision contestant Aminata Savadogo who competed with Love Injected in 2015 and wrote 2016 entry Heartbeat performed by Justs. This Eurovision connection may imply that this is Markus’ entry for Latvian Eurovision selection contest, Supernova. The singer is yet to confirm whether this is his entry. Markus and Aminata previously collaborated on the track Last Dance.

The official press release for Impossible notes: “Impossible” is an autobiographical story about my feelings and experience, but anyone who has ever faced obstacles in their way will connect to this song,” says Markus Riva. “We live in a very vulnerable era – crushing someone’s hopes and dreams, mocking and ridiculing somebody is very easy, but our way unfolds before our own eyes only. We must continue believing in ourselves and in our abilities – it is the only way to become unbreakable.”

Supernova entry or not, we’re excited by any new music from Markus who already has a vast number of straight up pop delights under his belt. Tracks like You Make So Crazy, Take Me Down, and I Can are a testament to his skills as a pop star.

Listen to Impossible below.