Music: Sergey Lazarev’s ‘Bonnie and Clyde’

Russian Eurovision heartthrob Sergey Lazarev released Russian language EP Я не боюсь Ya ne boyus (I’m Not Afraid in English) which continued his slick and energetic blend of synthpop. He follows this with new single Бонни и Клайд (Bonnie and Clyde in English).

Whilst in an ideal world, we would have more English language bops from Sergey, the Russian language also sounds good on an electro-pop banger. This retro tinged anthem has hints of disco music about it thanks to its upbeat electronic production and Sergey’s distinctive sultry vocals.

Stream the track above. We’ve also copied in this throwback video of Sergey and his Eurovision buddy Chingiz working out – because why the hell not.