Lorella Cuccarini Delivers 35th Anniversary Version of Dancepop Banger ‘La Notte Vola’

La Diva! The icon, Lorella Cuccarini returns with a special 35th anniversary version of her classic anthem La Notte Vola. The song was used as the theme for popular eighties variety series Odiens, of which Lorella was a key part (as well as fellow Italian pop queen Sabrina Salerno), but the song has since gone to transgress the show as a global dancepop classic.

Lorella re-records the track for a larger project containing 13 tracks of Italian theme songs and historical songs revamped with a contemporary sound, curated by the hottest producers on the Italian music scene. It’s hard to image any others having the punch of Lorella’s almighty banger.

Written by Giuseppe Vessicchio, Marco Salvati and Silvio Capitta, Lorella also accompanies the new version with a video featuring the work of choreographer Emanuel Lo. The new version features production from ITACA. It remains a stratospheric banger.

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