Drag Race UK Star Le Fil Releases Second Part of ‘Le Filosophical’ Musical Journey

Le Fil was one of our standouts of Drag Race UK series four’s cast thanks to his cutting edge looks and sheer star quality. The British-Chinese talent continues to showcase himself as a talent in the world of music with the second part of his Le Filosophical EP containing a further five impressive tracks.

Le Fil shares: “I’m so excited to release Le Filosophical Part (II). When I designed the looks, I always thought of the entire world they exist in. I wrote these songs to give further context to my visual creations. It’s
almost like a diary of the last year.”

Le Filosophical (Part II) showcases further variety in Le Fil’s sound. Alive provides powerhouse electronic pop, whilst the sparkling disco of Yin to My Yang will appeal to listener’s pop sensibilities. Gravity takes a more sparse and experimental electronic sound, whilst the punchy Down packs an assertive punk attitude, one that compliments the energy of closer Woman. For the EP, Le Fil continues her creative relationship with Brit rising talent Lostchild.

Le Fil expands on the creative process of his music, noting: “There’s a lot of thought behind every lyric or detail in my photos or videos. Each runway outfit really told story, and I think a lot of that could easily be missed within the context of the show. So it was really important for me to regain control of how my artistry is presented, so that I could capture, and honour, all my messages within Le Filosophical. Both these EPs really reflect this moment in time, but also have message that are super important for our future too.”

It is a delight to see Le Fil continue to soar with his creative output. You can stream the second part of Le Fil’s Le Filosophical below.

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