Maltese Musical Talent AIDAN Returns With Mediterranean Flavoured Pop Gem ‘Madam’

Malta’s national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 provided numerous talents, but none more so than Aidan and his sexy pop anthem Ritmu which cemented him in the hearts of Eurovision fans. Now Aidan returns with new single Madam, an English language jam that packs a Mediterranean swagger, charm and charisma.

Penned by Aidan Cassar and Boban Apostolov with production from naBBoo, Madam is a sultry ear-worm brimming with smooth production and class thanks to its fusion of percussion, strings and electronic arrangements. The track is beautifully complimented by a black and white video which enhances its timeless appeal, bringing some nostalgic glamour to the contemporary production.

We are delighted to have some new music from Aidan and we are pleased that he is throwing his hat back into the ring to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with new track Reġina. Aidan belongs on that stage.

Connect with Aidan here.

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