KEiiNO Release Darkly Emotional Synth Treat ‘Nights of Thunder’

KEiiNO delve into darker territory, heralded by their new single Nights of Thunder. Opening with percussive war cries and poignant violin, the Norwegian three-piece deliver an emotional KEiiNO anthem.

The combination of Alexandra Rotan’s lead and vocals from Tom Hugo and Fred Buljo Sami joik helps conjure up the traditional KEiiNO magic, whilst co-writing and co-production from regular collaborator Rüdiger Schramm helps this shine as another varied piece in the band’s every-expanding discography.

The opening verse conjures some of KEiiNO’s mythological magic and imagery, with lines such as “I hung quietly and you’re here with me, Like a ghost in my head, A memory…” lending a further poignancy.

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