Cameron Hawthorn Delights With New Lovelorn Country Anthem ‘Nothing Like a Cowboy’

Cameron Hawthorn has got us feeling all sort of ways with his latest track Nothing Like a Cowboy, a loved-up ode to real and genuine cowboys. Penned by Cameron and Lena Stone with traditional style country production from The Fund, Nothing Like a Cowboy is an instant classic in Cameron’s delightful discography.

The country star has been impressing over the years with his honest songwriting heard in tracks such as Dancing in the Living Room and To Break Hers, bringing a refreshing perspective to the world of country music.

Nothing Like a Cowboy sees the crooner sing “Like something from the movies / Faded leather and some blue jeans / But the real and genuine kind / The one you keep around cause he’s hard to find / There’s nothing like a cowboy…” in lyrics which touch and conjure up the type of American nostalgia that Cameron does so well. Production from The Fund also crafts that authentic old school country emotion, helping the track shine as one of Cameron’s best.

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