Glamour, Disco and High Camp Fantasy! Tanzer Delights With ‘Disco Automatic’ Album

Australian-born artist Tanzer’s dream to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest edged slightly closer after her audition for Una Voce per San Marino in which she impressed with her song Fantasy. Raised in Rome but living in Australia, Tanzer has unfortunately had a few unsuccessful submissions for Australia Decides so her performance in the European microstate was a huge coup. History shows that Italian punk heartthrob Achille Lauro was selected to represent San Marino, but this has not stopped Tanzer and her Eurodreams gaining legions of fans across Europe – fans who will be delighted to hear of the release of her mini album Disco Automatic today.

The album contains six original tracks and five remixes. Bangers such as Deep Fried Disco and Tango have very europop friendly sounds, whilst fans are already familiar with the lush longing of Fantasy. The ethereal space-disco of Tanzer Theme and soulful seventies-inspired grooves of Romanzer only serve to impress further. Arty disco number Destination Love with The Huxley’s provides campy Italo-pop joy, before the set proceeds with a variety of diverse remixes.

Tanzer’s brand of high-glamour camp fantasy make her a truly unique and fascinating star. She has conquered the world of music, art, film and theatre and we cannot wait to see what she gets up to next.

You can pre-order the vinyl of Disco Automatic here. Connect with Tanzer here.

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