Cameron Hawthorn Conjures Up Stunning Romantic Imagery on New Country Gem ‘Dreamland’

Rising country talent Cameron Hawthorn returns with his second single in recent months, Dreamland. The track serves as a follow-up to his previous elegant romantic anthem Love at First Sight, and takes a similar stripped back classic country approach.

Packed with winsome romantic imagery, Cameron croons “laying in the back of my ford / it feels like we’re flying on eagles wings / holding your hand, i couldn’t ask for anything more / heaven on earth in these fields of green / you sweep me off of my feet and i’m soaring…” as he sings metaphorically about the joys of love. Cameron is accompanied by a restrained guitar accompaniment and intoxicating old school country production from The Fund.

Cameron shared on his Instagram that the song was spurred on by some of the changes in his life in recent times: “My life has definitely changed in the last year and a half. I moved out of the city to the country when I met the cowboy of my dreams. I used to fantasize about living on a ranch and being so head in the clouds in love. Now it’s real life and I never want to wake up. I wrote this song about that.” Here’s to love!

Stream Cameron Hawthorn’s Dreamland above. Connect with him here.