Romania’s ROXEN Unveils Eurovision 2021 Entry ‘Amnesia’

ROXEN previously brought us five top tracks as her contenders for Romania’s 20202 Eurovision entry: Alcohol You, Beautiful Disaster, Cherry Red, Colors and Storm. Alcohol You was ultimately chosen with the double-meaning within the title helping it standout. Now ROXEN moves on with her 2021 entry, Amnesia, which sees her team-up with writers and producers Adelina Stinga and Victor Bourosu.

“‘Cause you’re not alone, not alone, I try to fight but it’s getting strong, Getting strong, getting strong, Oh, I lost myself tryna have it all,” ROXEN sings against gradually building percussion-centred electronic production. It’s urban and R&B flavoured pop music. The artist spoke a little about the track to

“The last year was a bit of a rollercoaster, filled with really good moments and some low points also. In the end, what kept me going the most was that I had some really great projects. Amnesia somehow manages to give a voice to all repressed feelings and to the people whose voices haven’t been heard, in a way that for me is incredibly pure. I would like to thank everyone who has been by my side all this time and has offered me all the support that I needed. ROXEN is made up of pieces from each and everyone of you.”

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