Latvian Pop Hunk Markus Riva Delivers Dark Electronic Anthem ‘Vārdi Klusumā’ (‘Words in Silence’)

Lead photo: Uldis Stepanovs

New music from Latvia’s best pop export, Markus Riva, is always something to get excited about and the handsome star does not disappoint with new single Vārdi Klusumā (Eng: Words in Silence).

For the track which is written by Mikelis Laksa, Markus opts for hypnotic eighties-inspired synths and dark electronic production. As always Markus delivers the lyrics with a real conviction and energy ensuring that Vārdi Klusumā shines as one of his most impressive Latvian language tracks.

Markus has recently been filming All Together Now in Russia with the star taking the role of one of the show’s jury members. His most recent tracks include Man Nesanāk with Samanta Tina, Tavos Vārdos, Vēl Pēdējo Reiz and English language Supernova anthem Impossible. It is hoped that Markus will be returning with some English language anthems throughout the year too.

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Photo: Serge Lee