Preview: Cinematic Highlights of 2013

There are lots of cinematic treats coming our way in 2013, so Silver Screen Slags have handpicked some of the highlights that we are particularly excited about.

Texas Chainsaw 3D
Release: 4th January 2013
Stars: Alexandara Daddario, Bill Mosely & Scott Eastwood
Why? The Texas Chainsaw Massacre legend gets a new lease of life in January, with this latest feature picking up directly where the original left off. We are hoping that it can capture some of the grainy, authentic scares of Tobe Hooper’s original film.

The Last Stand
Release: 25th January 2013
Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Knoxville & Forest Whitaker
Why? Well this one’s quite simple, it’s Arnie’s first lead role since Terminator 3 – of course we are excited.

Bullet to the Head
Release: 1st February 2013
Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Mamoa & Christian Slater
Why? With action veteran, Walter Hill directing and Bullet to the Head being Sly’s first stab at playing an original character in a while, we’re excited to see how this fares.

A Good Day to Die Hard
Release: 14th February 2013
Stars: Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney & Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Why? Sticking with much-loved veteran action stars, Bruce Willis’ fifth appearance in the Die Hard series has us excited, purely because it’s another Die Hard movie.

Broken City
Release: 1st March 2013
Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe &Catherine Zeta-Jones
Why? This R-Rated crime thriller boasts a stellar cast (as we all know Marky Mark can do no wrong in our eyes) and looks like a atmospheric tale of political corruption.

Oz: The Great and Powerful
Release: 8th March 2013
Stars: James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz & Michelle Williams
Why? Sam Raimi’s take on the world of Oz looks like a sheer aesthetic delight, set to explore he rich mythology of Baum’s universe. With a stunning cast including James Franco, we are sure the Oz legacy is in capable hands.

Robot & Frank
Release: 8th March 2013
Stars: Frank Langella, Susan Sarandon & James Marsden
Why? Indie comedy + Frank Langella + robots. Sounds good fun. 

Dead Man Down
Release: 8th March 2013
Stars: Colin Farrell, Noomi Rapace & Dominic Cooper
Why? Dead Man Down looks set to be an edgy revenge thriller with a top notch cast. Rapace can do no wrong and re-teaming with original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo director, Niels Arden Oplev looks set to prove this. 

The Last Exorcism II
Release: 15th March 2013
Stars: Ashley Bell
Why? News on the sequel to Eli Roth’s chilling exorcist horror has been sparse but regardless we are still eager to see how the series will continue after the shocking surprise ending of it’s predecessor. 
The Paperboy
Release: 15th March 2013
Stars: Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman & Matthew McConaughey
Why? If there were a trash Oscars, The Paperboy would clean-up. There’s a vampy Nicole Kidman, a scantily clad Zac Efron and a pulpy Southern atmosphere. Need we say more. 

Release: 12th April 2013
Stars: Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman & Olga Kurylenko
Why? Joseph Kosinki’s Oblivion looks like a sheer visual delight, just look at the trailer. Plus, we’re not ashamed to admit we still love Tom Cruise, more so after Jack Reacher.

Pain & Gain
Release: 3rd May 2013
Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson & Rebel Wilson
Why? Half-naked, mega-buff Mark Mark. Comic Goddess Rebel Wilson. Michael Bay action madness. Oh yes. 

The Tomb
Release: 27th September
Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sam Neill
Why? Who doesn’t love a prison escape thriller? With a cast including Sly and Arnie, we’re sure The Tomb will be a cut above the rest. 

Last Vegas
Release: 20th December 2013
Stars: Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas & Robert De Niro
Why? This Hangover for old blokes is likely to be dreadful but with a strong cast, we can’t help but retain a bit of optimism. Seeing Kevin Kline back on the big screen will also be a treat.

Jack Ryan
Release: 26th December 2013
Stars: Chris Pine, Kenneth Branagh & Kevin Costner
Why? Kenneth Branagh is set to inject some life into the Jack Ryan series, alongside a hunky new Ryan in the form of Chris Pine. It’s all very exciting.

Release: Unconfirmed
Stars: Eli Roth, Selena Gomez & Andrea Osvart
Why? Capturing the aftermath of a Chilean earthquake, Aftershock looks like a slice of gore-filled chaos. We’re glad to see Eli Roth is acting once again. Plus we are genuinely intrgued to see how many Selena Gomez fans this mentally scars.

Before MidnightRelease: Unconfirmed
Stars: Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy
Why? Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are the greatest modern cinematic romance films, in our opinion. We cannot wait to see the further adventures of Celine and Jesse.

Boot Tracks
Release: Unconfirmed
Stars: Stephen Dorff, Michelle Monaghan & Willem Dafoe
Why? Boot Tracks looks set to be one of Dorff’s more original pictures of the year – focusing on an unlikely road trip between an ex-con and streetwise woman.

The Butler
Release: Unconfirmed
Stars: Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda, & Vanessa Redgrave
Why? Boasting a truly all-star cast and perhaps the trashiest director working today (Lee Daniels), we’re eager to see how The Butler turns out.

The Canyons
Release: Unconfirmed
Stars: James Deen (The Porn One) & Lindsay ‘LiLo’ Lohan
Why? Lilo and the hottest straight porn star working, on a script by Bret Easton Ellis and directed by Paul Schrader.

Curse of Chucky
Release: Unconfirmed
Stars: Brad Dourif, Danielle Bisutti & Brendan Elliott
Why? Original creator, Don Mancini takes the Child’s Play series back to basics, promising a darker and less comic reboot of the series. We will miss Jennifer Tilly though.

Enemies Closer
Release: Unconfirmed
Stars: Jean Claude Van-Damme & Orlando Jones
Why? JCVD reteaming with Timecop director, Peter Hyams, will hopefully recapture some of the energy of the pairs’ 90s action collaboration.

The Green Inferno
Release: Unconfirmed
Stars: Daryl Sabara, Lorenza Izzo & Sky Ferreira
Why? Eli Roth’s take on the Cannibal holocaust genre is sure to turn some stomachs. It is a subgenre that has been missing from cinema for far too long, thank God for Eli Roth.

Java Heat
Release: Unconfirmed
Stars: Kellan Lutz & Mickey Rourke
Why? Most likely to be a DTV release, we’re eager to see Lutz get the opportunity to showcase his leading man chops in this heated Indonesian action thriller.

Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon
Release: Unconfirmed
Stars: Scott Adkins, Dolph Lundgren & Lydia Leonard
Why? Scott Adkins is one of the most exciting action stars working today – showcasing his talents in The Expendables 2, Assassination Games, Universal Solider 4, Ninja, among others. Seeing him team up with Dolph Lundgren again will hopefully prove another winning formula.

The Letter
Release: Unconfirmed
Stars: Winona Ryder & James Franco
Why? The Letter sounds like a slice of original indie cinema – it features Ryder as a playwright unsure of where she is losing her grip on reality. We’re hoping it can deliver some Robert Aldrich/David Lynch style twists.

Lords of Salem
Release: Uncomfirmed
Stars: Sheri Moon Zombie, Patricia Quinn & Dee Walace
Why? After an overly long absence from the director’s chair, Rob Zombie takes on the Salem Witch trials in only a way that he can.

Machete Kills
Release: Unconfirmed
Stars: Danny Trejo, Amber Heard & Mel Gibson
Why? Machete was highly overlooked in the UK despite being great fun, we’re hoping the sequel makes more of an impact whilst retaining its grindhouse aesthetics. We can’t get enough of it.

Mad Max: Fury Road
Release: Unconfirmed
Stars: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron & Nicholas Hoult
Why? Initially sad at the prospect of Mad Max with no Mel Gibson, we have come to terms with the fact that George Miller knows best – and if George Miller says Tom Hardy is Mad Max, then so be it. We’re just glad there is a new MM in the can and on the way. We don’t need another hero!

Only God Forgives
Release: Unconfirmed
Stars: Ryan Gosling & Kristin Scott Thomas
Why? Drive collaborators Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn look set to repeat their winning combination with gritty Bangok set boxing thriller, Only God Forgives.

Release: Unconfirmed
Stars: Xavier Samuel, Cam Gigandet & Emily Browning
Why? Catherine Hardwicke takes us back to a more personal project (both directing and writing Plush) – focusing on the struggles of a young rock musician. With a hot cast including Xavier Samuel, Cam Gigandet and Emily Browning, we’re eager to see the end result.

Release: Unconfirmed
Stars: Ryan Phillippe, Russ Russo & Joyful Drake
Why? We’ve been longstanding supporters of Ryan here at Silver Screen Slags and the prospect of him directing and starring in personal project, Shreveport, has us intrigued.

Release: Unconfirmed
Stars: Ryan Kwanten, Amy Smart & Leslie Bibb
Why? From Japanese horror God, Takashi Shimizu, 7500 looks to deliver some genuinely macabre airborne thrills. The plane set horror is something that has not been exploited much, so we’re eager to see what the Japanese auteur plans on showcasing.

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