Blu Ruckus Plays With Experimental Futuristic Alternative-Pop on New EP ‘Kid Orchid’

NYC based new queer independent artist Blu Ruckus plays with experimental soundscapes on his latest creation Kid Orchid. The project, something of a sequel to a character previously crafted by the queer musician blends piano with electronic sounds that aim to “transport the listener into a glitchy world of space, magic and machine.”

Blu Ruckus tells us “I’m responding to the times, trying to connect with people – trying to create a community and something new. Especially for our queer community.” The queer music community is a bold and accepting one that is brimming with support and we have no doubt that Blu will find a whole world to connect to with his latest Kid Orchid release.

The EP follows ‘Poor Kid Orchid,’ which Blu tells us is “an introduction to a character Kid Orchid and his quest to figure out where he belongs. In the follow up album we learn that Kid Orchid is actually an E.T. who has always thought he was human, but never fit in with the hypocrisy and intensity that is the human experience. The stress and chaos of 2020 made me think – what if as a society we would be better off in some E.T. simulation.”

The production crafted by Blu Ruckus is really quite fascinating, with tracks such as Hell of a Man shining as original, entrancing pop anthems. Songs such as Advice and Virgo have a rare skill of sounding both progressive and nostalgic, whilst Blu’s unique pop voice continues to assert our attention on the dark, brooding Stains and the experimental flavoured I Think Too Much.

Connect with Blu Ruckus below.