Marina Drops Ethereal New Single ‘Man’s World’

“I don’t wanna live in a man’s world anymore,” Marina sings on her new single Man’s World, which is thought to spearhead her upcoming fifth album. The track, written by Marina and produced by Marina and Jennifer Decilveo, is an ethereal pop anthem that sets out to address society’s gender imbalance.

With a chorus that sings “Mother nature’s dying, Nobody’s keeping score,” Marina addresses the atrocities committed against gay men in the Middle East, the burning of women as witches, and pleas for us to think of our mothers, daughters and female friends in the urgent new track.

Accompanied by in a nature-filled music video featuring a diverse array of backing artists, Marina shines in the airy, dreamy pop anthem which feels like it’s making a necessary statement. The release follows Marina’s Love + Fear – a two sided album from 2019 which spawned hits Baby, Orange Trees, and Enjoy Your Life.

Stream the video for Man’s World above.