Italian Eurovision Favourite Francesco Gabbani Releases Video for ‘Il Sudore Ci Appiccica’

If Francesco Gabbani’s intention was to make us fancy him even more then he has knocked it out of the park. The beautiful Italian represented Italy at Eurovision in 2017 with Occidental Karma coming in in sixth place. He came close to being selected once again, coming second place at Sanremo 2020 with the track Viceversa from his album of the same name. Francesco now drops the third single from the aforementioned album ‘Il Sudore Ci Appiccica’ (Eng: The Sweat Sticks to Us)

The upbeat pop anthem comes with a video complete with a socially distanced dance routine. The video was filmed in the city of Cremona in Lombardy province and thankfully shows that fun, creative art can still be created in darker times.

Viceversa was released in February 2020. It reached #2 in the Italian album charts and featured nine tracks:

  1. Einstein 2:56
  2. Il sudore ci appiccica 3:05
  3. Viceversa 3:35
  4. Cinesi 3:47
  5. Shambola 3:06
  6. Duemiladiciannove 3:32
  7. È un’altra cosa 3:18
  8. Bomba pacifista 3:25
  9. Cancellami 3:03

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