Nick Jonas Drops Surprise New Solo Track ‘Until We Meet Again’

Although Nick Jonas’s solo music career may be on hold in favour of a very successful reunion with his brothers Joe and Kevin, it has not stopped the singer dropping new track Until We Meet Again. A portion of the proceeds for the track will go to charity Feeding America.

The track was debuted on the season finale of The Voice in which Nick is currently serving as a coach. The singer also dropped a video to go with the new solo material featuring his wife Priyanka Chopra. The soothing ballad sees Nick croon: So until we meet again / I’ma keep smiling (Smiling) / We could be miles apart / But you know I’m never too far / My friend, until we meet again. Lyrics which will strike a chord at the moment in the current pandemic situation.

Nick has recently dropped Jonas Brothers’ singles X – a fiery Latin bop featuring Karol G – and Five Minutes More – a yearning love ballad. It is expected that these will feature on the upcoming 2020 album from the band.

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