Music: Pretenders Announce New Album ‘Hate For Sale’, Single ‘The Buzz’

Pretenders have shared details of their upcoming album Hate for Sale, which is preceded by new track The Buzz. Fronted by Chrissie Hynde, the band have been touring and recording since 1980 – all be it with fluctuating line-ups.

Focussing on the perils of addiction whether love or drugs, The Buzz sees Hynde’s vocals shine against guitarist James Walbourne’s impressive backing. You can see the full tracklist below.

  1. ‘Hate For Sale’
  2. ‘The Buzz’
  3. ‘Lightning Man’
  4. ‘Turf Accountant Daddy’
  5. ‘You Can’t Hurt a Fool’
  6. ‘I Didn’t Know When To Stop’
  7. ‘Maybe Love Is In NYC’
  8. ‘Junkie Walk’
  9. ‘Didn’t Want To Be This Lonely’
  10. ‘Crying in Public’

Pretenders are best known for hits Don’t Get Me Wrong, Brass in Pocket and I’ll Stand By You. Hyndes previously released solo album Stockholm in 2014, before releasing 2016’s Alone with Pretenders. Hate for Sale will mark their eleventh studio album when its released by BMG on May 1st.

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