Izo FitzRoy Readies Third LP ‘A Good Woman’ With Soulful Electronic Number ‘Give Me the High’

Izo FitzRoy readies her third album A Good Woman with the release of its lead single Give Me the High. The artist who has dabbled in gospel, jazz and blues, presents a soulful pop number with the single which is co-written and produced by Dutch electronic artist Oscar de Jong. It’s a fast paced and contemporary number that loses none of Izo’s warming tones and flavour.

With her third album scheduled for April 28th, Izo shares: “The album is in part autobiographical and takes a wider look at being a woman in a male dominated industry and living in a patriarchal society. I tried to look at the myriad of ways that women, (myself included), have given away their autonomy and power to institutions, labels and people”.

Izo adds, “I have been incredibly fortunate to work with Oscar who is not only a phenomenal musician and producer, but he is also an immensely open and supportive collaborator. This album has been a collaborative process from start to finish: from writing and recording, to the final production of each track”.

If Give Me the High is an indication of its sound, we have high hopes for the Londoner’s new LP.

‘A Good Woman’ tracklist:

  1. Hope Divine 
  2. Chasing Days
  3. Keep Your Light On Me
  4. Call Me Pilgrim
  5. Pilgrim (Interlude)
  6. Somewhere Beyond The Wreckage
  7. Scram
  8. God Gets A Little Busy Sometimes
  9. Released (interlude)
  10. A Good Woman
  11. Sum Of Its Parts (Interlude)
  12. Small Mercies
  13. Give Me The High
  14. Love And Affection 

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