Vibrant Rising Music Talent Grant Knoche Impresses With Standout New Anthem ‘Icarus’

He established himself as an unstoppable talent and standout performer on the debut version of The American Song Contest this year with his stellar anthem Mr Independent. Now Texas musician Grant Knoche returns with his first post-contest single Icarus.

Grant’s lyrics take inspiration from the classic myth of Icarus, who escaped the labyrinth with a set of wings which melted when he boastfully flew close to the sun. The story takes on the message of the dangers of excessive pride. Grant puts a more lovelorn spin on the story, capturing a love that gives someone the rush that they want to fly too close to the sun. He sings “I wanna fly too close to the sun / I could die just thinking of us / Heaven isn’t high enough / So, I’ll burn up in your touch…” in the chorus. He co-writes with Lily Hormel and Alna Elizabeth Hofmeyr.

Huge plaudits should also be given to Grant who also self-produces the track, crafting its high octane danceable soundscape which beautifully parallels the message of the song.

I had the please of chatting with Grant during his time on the American Song Contest. You can revisit that here. I’m sure you will agree that Grant’s passion for his craft and positive attitude will see him go far in his career.

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