Sergey Lazarev and Vlad Topalov Deliver a Smash!! Reunion on New Year Track ‘Novyj god’

Sergey Lazarev and Vlad Topalov reunite for a brand new track in honour of New Year. The Russian duo found fame as Smash!! in 2000 before parting ways in 2004 after three albums (yet only two featuring Sergey) due to numerous issues. Marking near twenty-years since their heyday, Sergey and Vlad reunite for new song Novyj god – an anthem celebrating the New Year.

Sergey spoke to Then 24, sharing “For the 20th anniversary, we recorded a long-awaited joint track: we dedicate it to all Smash !! fans, and for ourselves this is an important moment. We decided to start it up as a leitmotif and make our own version of it, inspired by the video for Last Christmas by the group Wham! Vlad and I have always been compared to this duet, or rather, we were even created as Wham! 21st century, where, in fact, George Michael once came out. They were a kind of role model for us, but at the very beginning with Smash !! even their manager worked. Hopefully, our new song will be on everyone’s New Year playlists every year to cheer up.”

Novyj god is a punchy synth-driven track – a festive banger aimed at the dancefloor – in which both Russian stars recapture some of their Smash!! magic.

Stream Sergey and Vlad’s latest collaboration above.