Review: Season of the Witch

Okay, with a film like this, you need to go in prepared – don’t expect Sunset Boulevard. If you go in wanting schlock medieval horror, then Season of the Witch will deliver. Even the poster makes it clear this is what you’ll get – Nicolas Cage + long hair + bemused express + fiery pentogram.

“Ah don’t be likin’ no witches”

The story follows two knights who have deserted during the crusades, played by Nicolas Cage & Ron Perlman. They travel through a plague ridden town, only to be captured and face punishment for their desertion. However,  they can have their freedom of they transport a suspected witch to a neighbouring town to face trial. Chuck in some CGI wolves, demons and disgusting make-up and you have you pretty much all the ingredients for a medieval horror.

The direction from Dominic Sena, is particularly bad, as is the dialogue and special effects. With a few scenes that stand out – Christopher Lee’s small role as a plague-inflicted Cardinal and one scene where the knights must transport their carriage over a breaking rope bridge. Nicolas Cage gives a forgettable performance and this can join his list of career lows with – The Wicker Man, Knowing and Next. Also, I know countless films do this but – you’re in medieval Europe, drop the American accents, lads.

On the plus side, the locations were nice and I have a feeling this movie knows it’s place.

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