Natalie Imbruglia Reveals New Album ‘Firebird’ for September, Releases ‘Built It Better’ Single

Like us, fans of Australian pop chanteuse have been hungry for new original music from Natalie Imbruglia for some time. The singer’s last original studio album was 2009’s underrated Come to Life, although she did release cover album Male back in 2015. Six years on Natalie has unveiled a brand new single Built It Better and scheduled her upcoming sixth studio album Firebird for the 24th of September 2021.

Releasing the new single and album through BMG, Natalie retains her signature sound – a hint of emotive melancholy against rousing production. “When it all falls down gotta build it better“ Natalie sings on the phoenix from the ashes tale which is written by Fiona Bevan, Luke Fitton and Natalie with production by MyRiot and Natalie.

On working on the new album, Natalie noted: “Making this album has been such a profound and satisfying experience. Having gone through a long period of what essentially was writer’s block, it was sometimes hard to envisage getting to this place.”

Adding “Before the pandemic, I started the process of writing this album in London and soon after, I headed to Nashville. With each session and new collaborator, I started to gain confidence, find my voice again, and craft the sound and style that felt authentic to me. It’s been such a privilege to work with such an array of talent on Firebird. I just can’t wait for people to finally hear it.” she notes. See the full tracklist:

1. ‘Build It Better’
2. ‘Nothing Missing’
3. ‘What It Feels Like’
4. ‘On My Way’
5. ‘Maybe It’s Great’
6. ‘Just Like Old Times’
7. ‘When You Love Too Much’
8. ‘Not Sorry’
9. ‘Human Touch’
10. ‘Change Of Heart’
11. ‘Invisible Things’
12. ‘Dive To The Deep’ 
13. ‘River’
14. ‘Firebird’