Eric Saade Drops Slick New English Language Pop Anthem ‘Like U Used To’

Eric Saade continues to be the coolest man in Swedish pop music, something channelled in his new single Like U Used To which he co-writes with Jimmy Thörnfeldt, Joy Deb and Linnea Deb. The up-tempo number is produced by Joy Deb.

Eric has become an expert at hooking us in with an earworming melody, which he showcased to perfection on his Melodifestivalen track Every Minute. Like U Used To packs a similar catchy punch as Eric croons “You don’t la la la love me like you used to do…” against slick electronic production that has a slight nostalgic disco sheen to it. Eric’s vocal is passionate and absorbing, selling this tale of a relationship in decline with the utmost conviction.

The track follows Eric’s recent English language releases DAY & NIGHT and Every Minute. It’s fantastic to hear Eric recording back in the language again with the star having a large international fanbase thanks to his Eurovision appearance back in 2011.

You can keep in touch with Eric on his Instagram.