Daphne Guinness and David LaChapelle Serve an Opulent Fantasy in the Video for Elegant Single ‘Heaven’

Prepare for your jaw to hit the floor as you watch the video for Daphne Guinness’s Heaven, directed by the iconic David LaChapelle. The sheer elegance, beauty, and spectacle on display is something to truly behold, helping further bring the bittersweet romantic pop delight from Daphne’s third album Revelations to life.

With inspiration that feels part Cecil B. DeMille’s classic Hollywood filmography, part Alice in Wonderland fantasy, yet oozing with the chanteuse and director’s respective styles. With elegant sets and production design from Kristen Vallow and wardrobe from Brett Nelson, Heaven is shimmering in style and class. The gorgeous Noah Teicher also helps bring even more glamour to this true feast for the senses – ensuring we fall headfirst into the dark romantic fantasy on display.

These rich and distinctive visuals paired with Daphne’s unique alternative musical style, helps Heaven soar as an ethereal pop anthem. Tony Visconti’s string-filled production, paired with the singer’s breathy, engaging, and beautifully emotive delivery helps the track shine as one of the strongest from her third album, Revelations.

Connect with Daphne and stream Revelations below:

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