Music: Meet Kitten Kay Sera – The Pink Woman of Hollywood

At Culture Fix we can’t resist a bit of kitsch – whether that be in film, music, art, literature, or any other facet of everyday life. This is an editor who lost an evening researching singerie (the art of painting monkeys taking part in human activities), but we digress. Our recent pop culture discovery and obsession is Kitten Kay Sera – the queen of pink.

Evocative of other cult figures like Angelyne, Amanda Lepore, Jocelyn Wildenstein, and many others, Kitten Kay Sera is a queen of aesthetics and those aesthetics are pink – very pink – officially the pinkest person in the world! The Texas-born icon has since relocated to West Hollywood where she has made a name for herself in music, film, television and photoshoots.

We’ve copied in three of Kitten’s tracks below the jump: Queen of Pink, Whatchamacallits and Sex Kitten, for your viewing pleasure.

Queen of Pink

This anthem has a very Marie Antoinette vibe as it samples La Vie En Rose before turning into a campy rap track where Kitten samples her pinktastic life in the video below. Kitten’s southern vocals give a further kitsch charm – something highlighted by the Shirley Temple esque candy floss interlude.


With a romantic narrative at its heart, Whatchamacallits feels like it would be at home in the international blue disco of Shania Twain’s Up! album or as a feature on the Hairspray soundtrack. This self-aware midtempo shines as a campy fifties pop throwback and features another video bubbling with kitsch appeal.

Sex Kitten

Another rock-tinged mid tempo, Sex Kitten puts sexiness to the forefront as Kitten puts her animal instincts to the forefront.

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