Music: Troye Sivan Wants You To ‘Take Yourself Home’

Troye Sivan shares his slow-burning new single Take Yourself Home to make your quarantine that little bit more bearable. The Australian singer-songwriter debuts the track earlier than anticipated after being driven to release new music due to current world events.

Take Yourself Home follows 2018’s album Bloom featuring some beautiful moments of synthpop goodness in the form of My My My, The Good Side and the stunning title track. Perhaps far less immediate, but equally rewarding, Sivan notes “‘Take Yourself Home’ is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written,” and describes the song as being about “grappling with your place in the world.”

The artist is also using the money that would normally be used to complete a music video to support freelancers who are currently out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Charitable king!

Stream the track above.