a-ha Release New Single ‘I’m In’, Announce ‘True North’ Album for October 2022

a-ha announce their first new album since 2015, True North, which is preceded by their freshly dropped new single I’m In. To further add to the excitement, the Norwegian pop icons will also be releasing a concert film documenting the new album’s creation alongside the Norwegian and Arctic Philharmonic Orchestras.

On the band’s new single, Magne shares: I’m In is “a song about total commitment and a show of support for someone who is troubled. Real commitment is a leap of faith. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to offer commitment and support unconditionally, but this is what it takes to make anything worthwhile happen – love, friendship, change, self-improvement, careers, a better world. Easier said than done of course but it begins with an attitude, then uttering the words. After this it is all hard work to realize whatever potential your commitment has in the world. Without this attitude everything just gets bogged down with conflicting thoughts, doubts and fear. Just say it: ‘I’m in’.”

The album is set to contain twelve tracks including six written by Magne and six by Paul. Paul notes: “First, we had the idea to record a studio session live,” says Paul. “Then, to film a studio session. That grew into more of a production with the Norwegian orchestra, the Arctic Philharmonic, who we have collaborated with.”  

A press release expands on the new album, noting: “True North’s songs are imbued with a sense of place and a deep connection with how we interact with the environment.” Magne expands: “True North is a letter from a-ha, from the Arctic Circle, a poem from the far north of Norway with new music.”

The True North album is released on 21 October 2022. Editions include: jewel-case CD; heavy black vinyl (2 x recycled 12’’ vinyl); limited deluxe edition (with hard-cover book including 40 pages, 2 x LPs with glued sleeves, CD in a cardboard sleeve and an USB card); digital audio long-play. These can be ordered here. The True North film is released to cinemas in selected territories world-wide by Trafalgar Releasing in late summer 2022.

See the twelve song tracklist below:

1 i’m in
2 hunter in the hills
3 as if
4 between the halo and the horn
5 true north
6 bumblebee
7 forest for the trees
8 bluest of blue
9 make me understand
10 you have what it takes
11 summer rain
12 oh my word

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