Swedish Schlager Queens Nanne Grönvall and Lina Hedlund Drop Glamalicious Anthem ‘MeloDrama Queen’

File this under today’s wonderfully camp news. Swedish pop goddesses Nanne Grönvall and Lina Hedlund have combined their respective talents in an explosion of glitter and schlager fabulosity on new single MeloDrama Queen.

Produced by Paul Rein, MeloDrama Queen is penned by Nanne, Linnea Deb, Marie Rein and Paul Rein. There is some truly legendary lyric work going on in 2022’s new high camp anthem – see “Gonna work my high stilletos, So glamalicious, Gonna sing my high falsettos,” and “Ain’t nobody as dramatic as me, Can you handle this drama queen?” It is everything that you could possibly want from a Nanne and Lina collaboration – brimming with a sense of fun, campy lyrics and punchy electronic club beats.

MeloDrama Queen has been released with a karaoke version (you know you want to) and an instrumental version. Nanne shared: “SO SUPER FUN to release a new original song in English again. Most recently it was 20 years ago, then with the song “Men”, in the English selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, and with the song written by the songwriters in Katrina &. The Waves. This time it is a dance-pop song in a duet with fantastic Lina Hedlund.” 

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