MAX Channels Seventies Romance On Slinky and Danceable New Single ‘Gucci Bag’

MAX’s 2020 sophomore album Colour Vision is a hard one to follow-up, but the twenty-nine year old New Yorker begins the process with his new single Gucci Bag. Stepping away from the colourful high-octane pop of singles such as Checklist and Blueberry Eyes, Max’s latest draws influence from seventies pop.

The singer shares: “I was writing with my friends… and we hit a wall creatively, so we decided to loop a beat we worked on while we played Catan for two hours. I had this title ‘Gucci Bag’ in mind as a metaphor for feeling really confident and, midway through the game, inspiration hit and I grabbed the mic and sang this chorus.”

Max co-writes with Drew Love, Jacob Ray, Michael Cody Dear and Sean Douglas, whilst Ray also produces. With a sultry electronic groove and Max’s higher vocal register, Gucci Bag has a romantic seventies lounge bag. It’s easygoing and quietly danceable.

Stream Gucci Bag above.

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