Tom Aspaul Keeps the Spirit of 90s and 00s Europop Alive on ‘Let Them (It’s All Love)’

New music releases are few and far between towards the end of December, but Tom Aspaul gives us something to celebrate with his latest single Let Them (It’s All Love). The track which Tom co-writes and co-produces with Gil Lewis is set to be the first single from the artist’s highly anticipated second studio album.

Let Them (It’s All Love) sees Tom’s silky vocals dance atop highly-charged Europop inspired production with synths and drum-beats that pay tribute to nineties and early-noughties pop classics like Steps’ Summer of Love and Adam Rickitt’s I Breathe Again. The chorus sees Tom sing “You think everybody’s out to get you / It’s all love, it’s all love / When they’re moving on and trying to forget you / It’s all love and you gotta let them…,” an earworming ode to moving on from heartbreak set to irresistible dancefloor beats.

Tom is set to deliver his follow-up to his stellar 2020 debut album Black Country Disco at some point in 2022. The singer has compiled a playlist with the pop inspirations behind the upcoming LP which is currently going by the working title TA2.

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