Former Chromatics Star Ruth Radelet Releases Debut Solo Single – The Hauntingly Beautiful ‘Twilight’

The Chromatics may be no more and their mythical album Dear Tommy may not have ever existed, but the good news is that the band’s former lead vocalist Ruth Radelet has released her first solo track. Twilight is released in honour of Kill Rock Stars 30th anniversary and is a cover of the Elliott Smith track from 2004.

Ruth shared: “Growing up in Portland, I couldn’t help but be influenced by Elliott Smith — his music was just in the water there. I still feel a sort of homesick nostalgia every time I hear one of his songs, and I’ll forever associate his music with the rainy weather and the gritty, small town feeling Portland had back then.”

The mellow number opens with gentle piano instrumentation before Ruth’s hauntingly beautiful vocals come into play alongside some light electronical effects as the track progresses.

Ruth continues: “Elliott was a brilliant songwriter, and I have always been blown away by his ability to craft such lovely, catchy melodies around devastatingly sad lyrics. “Twilight” is a beautiful example of that, and one of my favorite songs he ever wrote.”

Stream Twilight above. We hope we will be hearing a lot more solo music from Ruth in the coming year.