Lara Fabian Releases New Album ‘Lockdown Sessions’ – A Versatile Affair of Sumptuous Ballads and Icy Electronic Pop

Belgian chanteuse Lara Fabian blesses us with a brand new album, Lockdown Sessions – a versatile collection of tracks that saw the I Will Love Again singer collaborate with producer Mohammed Denebi during the early stages of the pandemic.

Lara shared: “As the world entered a total immobilization last March and a surge of uncertainties, I felt the urge to do some soul-searching and seek out the positive aspects that we could take from everything we were going through.

Like many creatives, Lara turned global turmoil into a time for artistry, as she continues: “I then explored new ways of writing, singing and making music. I am really proud to announce the release of a very special and limited edition with unique musical experiences that I have named : “Lockdown Sessions”. Hope you all enjoy, listen and fly freely to each of these musical experiences that I offer. It’s a pretty special album for me that I dedicate to my fans, that I dedicate to you.”

Immediate highlights for us were the striking Le Passage, a track that begins near spoken word then transforms into an ethereal electronic trip-hop style track. The slinky electronic Dance Under the Rain is a treat, an icy cool electronic dancepop affair. Live Your Life has a positive message and earworming electronic melody, whilst Introspection allows Lara’s vocals to shine against striking piano arrangements. The mellow club sounds of One serve as a beautiful closer – an afterparty to a sumptuous musical banquet.

Lockdown Sessions is available to order from Lara’s store.

1.“Listen to the Silence”
2.“I Remember”
3.“Song for a Child”
4.“Le Passage”
5.“Dance Under the Rain”
9.“Live Your Life”