Molly Hammar and Bob Sinclar Join Forces On High-Octane Dance Anthem ‘We Could Be Dancing’

A Scandinavian pop talent joining forces with a French dance music hero is surely a recipe for success, with Molly Hammar and Bob Sinclar going on to prove so on their freshly-dropped collaboration We Could Be Dancing.

“Been looking for the love for a long time / I thought it’d be a while before I’d find / I wanna see the love, it feels right / I wanna feel the love, we’re up all night…” Molly sings against bubbly, synth-filled productions evocative of classic eighties dancefloor bangers. Molly packs all the vocal strength needed of a big dance diva on the funky, earworming new anthem.

We Could Be Dancing follows Molly’s recently released God Is Lonely Too EP and Bob’s World Hold On featuring Steve Edwards.

Stream the collaboration above.