Álvaro Soler Crafts More Latin Pop Goodness on New Single ‘Si Te Vas’, Ahead of ‘Magia’ Album

Undeniably easy on the eye Spanish-German pop star Álvaro Soler gives us the second taste of his upcoming July-scheduled Magia album, Si Te Vas, which follows the upcoming LP’s Summer-party flavoured title track.

Si Te Vas is written by Tim James, Simon Triebel, Antonina Armato, Alvaro Soler & Alexander “Ali“ Zuckowski. The title translates to English as If You Go – a concept channelled in the accompanying music video which sees the handsome star escaping from being kidnapped. Lyrics roughly translate as “I’m looking for your kisses, your voice, They say yes, then they say no, And if you go, tell me if you go, That I, that I, Can’t take it anymore, ah-ah-ah, I can’t take it anymore, ah-ah-ah…” capturing the confusing nature of a heated love.

Si Te Vas will feature on Álvaro’s upcoming Magia album which is due for release on the 9th of July. You can see the expected tracklist below:

  1. Magia
  2. Despiertos
  3. Mañana
  4. Tipo Normal
  5. Si Te Vas
  6. Déjala Que Baile
  7. Amor Para Llevar
  8. Te Busqué
  9. En tu piel
  10. Hawaii
  11. Diferente
  12. No Te Entiendo
  13. Alma De Luz

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