Oslo-Based Pop Talent Henrik Høven Releases Savvy New Single ‘If I Was You’

Oslo-based emerging musical talent Henrik Høven has had a productive 2021 with the release of singles Come On Over (a collaboration with house musicians Oomloud) and That’s How I Feel, however, the handsome Norwegian wastes no time with the release of his third of the year If I Was You.

Henrik has spent the year writing for himself and others throughout the various coronavirus lockdowns, he notes: “Some of the songs took a while, and some only took a couple of minutes to write.” If I Was You sees Henrik co-write with Einar Eriksen Kvaløy, who also serves as the track’s producer. Opening with a prominent guitar pop sound, Henrik’s emotive vocals slide in with production building to slick multi-instrumental Scandinavian pop anthem. The pre-chorus sees Henrik croon: “I just don’t see what you are, It’s like a bloody, messy, piece of art, oh, oh, Thought that you would do me good, But now you’re hanging out with someone new, oh, oh, oh.”

Henrik describes himself as a “tall boy, cool boy and sometimes a sad boy. Hope my music makes u feel fucking amazing.” We can’t argue with his musical intentions.

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