Icons Unite on Saara Aalto & Baga Chipz’s New Song ‘When the Sun Goes Down’

We all know that Baga Chipz is stunning, Baga Chipz is class, Baga Chipz is sexy… etc. We also know that Saara Aalto is a Eurovision and general Europop goddess. Therefore the combined power of the two of them combining on a pop track is too much for our little brains to handle – but the result is When the Sun Goes Down, a euphoric banger of epic proportions.

Saara’s vocals shine as she belts “Will you love me in the morning? Will you love me when the sun goes down? Will you touch me in the right way? Will you be there, will you stick around?” on the up-tempo pop track. Pulsing club beats and Saara’s immaculate vocals were already perfection, but when Baga’s impressive musical contributions are added, the track becomes a further glorious pop delight.

We’re ready for a Saara and Baga album, tour, and why not give us a Eurovision entry while you’re at it? Saara has released studio album Wild Wild Wonderland back in 2018 and represented Finland at the ESC the same year, whilst Baga had success as part of Drag Race UK band The Frock Destroyers with their iconic hit Break Up Bye Bye.

Stream When the Sun Goes Down above.

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