Music: Valentina Releases New Single ‘All Eyes On Me’

Drag superstar Valentina blew our socks clean off with her debut single A Prueba De Todo in late 2018. The Latin anthem felt like it could have been a lost Selena classic and showcased the RuPaul’s Drag Race star as an exciting musical talent. She continues to build her legacy with new track All Eyes On Me.

Valentina collaborated with producer Agir and songwriter Ilka Cortez for the track which is a sultry Latin pop banger with an infectious rhythm and Spanglish language blend. Whilst an album is a goal for Valentina, she told Billboard: “I am in the process of figuring out how I can make a full album. It’s something that I’m really curious about. Obviously with what’s happening right now with COVID-19, I can’t really answer that. I would hope that what I’m doing right now would give me all the experience and allow me to just evolve and explore as an artist and keep me more polished.” Good things come to those who wait and we’re sure a Valentina album would be an absolute triumph.

You can hear All Eyes On Me above.

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