Eurovision Legends Måns Zelmerlöw and Polina Gagarina Duet On ‘Circles and Squares’

Sweden and Russia collide in this collaboration between Eurovision Song Contest 2015 darlings Måns Zelmerlöw and Polina Gagarina on their new track Circles and Squares. The song is released as the official theme of the ISU Figure Skating Championships 2021 which is being held in Stockholm.

The track is a rousing mid-tempo ballad that sees Måns co-write with Stefan Örn, David Lindgren Zacharias, Sandra Bjurman, and Jon Eyden. Stefan notes: “We wanted to write a song with a slightly serious tone and at the same time bring out the beauty that exists between two figure skaters, the passion, the art, and of course mutual respect. This is mirrored in the arrangement of the song that has an intro full of expectation before we bring in the full orchestra that takes the song to the heights we wanted to hit.”

That serious yet graceful tone is carried in the two impressive vocal performances from Måns and Polina, as well as the lavish elegant production from Stefan Örn.

Måns adds: “It feels great that Polina and I have been entrusted by the Swedish Figure Skating Association to do the official song. I was extremely impressed by her as a singer back in 2015 in Vienna,” with Polina noting:  “I think Circles and Squares is a very direct and romantic song, which is just how I see figure skating! I hope that figure skating fans and music lovers alike will enjoy the song.”

You can stream the track above.