Cory Stewart Teams Up With Producer Zach Benson For Sparkling 80s-Inspired New Single ‘Little Lies’

Delivering vocals racked in conviction and strength, Cory Stewart shines alongside Zach Benson’s eighties-influenced synth-packed production on new single Little Lies. Arriving on streaming services today, the song marks Cory’s first single since July’s Unhappy and is set to feature on the rising star’s 2021 scheduled album.

Packed with sparkling synths, Cory’s track is an escapist pop fantasy (truly now more relevant than ever) that asks us to embrace the little lies for the sake of contentment at the present moment. It’s an elegant, sassy anthem, that says ‘I know what you’re doing and I’m fine with it… for now,’ conjuring up some emotive visual imagery especially with lines like “Tell me little lies, no more truths, cause they’re easier to hear.” Cory notes that the song tackles wrongdoing in a relationship, it actually had a cathartic power for him:

“This song was cathartic for me in many ways. Although we wrote it with a wronged relationship in mind, Zach was very aware of the fact that I’d lost someone very important in my life. Through it all, Zach gave me a chance to escape my grief and return to what I love, writing music. His commitment to being a friend and a collaborator is absolutely responsible for how amazing this song turned out.”

Zach adds that track also proved to be an effective means of coping with life in quarantine: “Writing this song with Cory was a perfect little escape from the chaos of quarantine,” says producer and co-writer Zach Benson. “We were instantly bouncing ideas off of each other and trying our hardest to make each other laugh or smile or go ‘yeaaaaahhh’. It’s dancey, it’s sassy, it’s vulnerable, and I’m so stoked for people to hear it!”

Connect with Cory below. Stream Little Lies here.


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