Czech Republic Eurovision Favourite Mikolas Josef Returns With ‘Lalalalalalalalalala’

Mikolas Josef is intent on destroying our keyboard’s L and A keys with his latest single Lalalalalalalalalala. The Eurovision 2017 favourite returns after his struggles with anxiety, which he elaborated on in an upfront, honest Instagram post which you can see below. The singer later expanded on the gravity of his musical return:

“Tonight I step over the shadows I believed will be the end of me. We all got our demons and reasons to feel beaten down and I sincerely pray everyone emerges victorious from their struggles. Today that is my only wish. This one is for the fighters. Let the song be a reminder to everyone that when you take arms against the sea of troubles you already won. Thank you for your patience. And to all those who made me what I am now. Im back.”

Lalalalalalalalalala is certainly an all guns blazing return, brimming with an unrepentant confidence. Singing “I don’t give s a single f*ck (nah nah nah) / Don’t say you’re sorry / I be out up in the club (up in the club) / Don’t need nobody,” Mikolas soars against buoyant electronic pop production from himself and co-producers Marco Quissana, and Cristiano Cessario. The track shines as the Czech star’s career best, with an infectious melody, powerful anthemic swagger, and showcase for the his natural charisma and sex appeal.

Listen to Lalalalalalalalalala above.

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Spring 2020 I came to the record office and said I quit. Out of all the things in this world I ever had the struggle saying this one was the hardest. I was ashamed of looking weak and so instead of saying “I need help” I tried to keep all the pride I had left and walk away from it. Now I know that to show weakness and take the judgement that follows is a sign of strength. I have anxiety and over the years it got to its peak early this year. The first time I had one was back in 2016. Fast forward to 2020 my body shakes for 4 hours, heart races like Im having a heart attack, when I stand Im falling down, I cant put words together and my asthma makes it feel like there is no oxygen in the air. The panic that takes over your mind is overwhelming. Are you Mikolas Josef? “Yes but I wish I wasnt.” Sharing this with your family members is emberassing enough simply because you fear they will think lesser of you. Sharing this with the world was just unspeakable for me at the time and I needed space to step back and figure out where to go with my life so that it leads away from this. I cutted social media out of my life because looking at people showing off their success was crushing my self worth to bits. I realized I became shallow. Based my confidence on 20k$ outfits while the inside of me was a wasteland. Realized I paid way too much attention to what people outside the creative circle are saying about my music and that took the love away from it. I became distant from myself, my feelings, my values. I felt like a stranger in my own company. I almost never went out, never really had friends or buddies it was complete social isolation and I got so cutted away from the real world that my thoughts were my only companions. Real success isnt being #1. Aiming for that only fucks you up. You only really feel fullfilled when you love what you do. And I realized that. Found love for the things I do, for the people around me, for me and for my demons too. They are my teachers not my enemies. Every day is worth living. Every day is a lesson. Thanks to all those who suffered through this with me. I cant thank you enough for your bravery. Xoxo M

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