French Heartthrob Tom Leeb Releases ‘Run Away’ (feat. Jérôme Queriaud)

Fresh from the sad news that scheduling commitments have prevented Tom Leeb from returning to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 for his native France, the singer has pressed on with new music. Run Away (feat. Jérôme Queriaud) marks the second taste of Tom’s upcoming Silver Lining EP.

The English language track Run Away sees Tom sing against gentle piano instrumentation creating a soothing combination. The somewhat sparse arrangement allows Jérôme Queriaud’s gentle piano instrumentation to shine, as well as Tom’s husked vocal tones as he sings about the uncertainties of love.

Tom previously released French language track Si tu savais which will also feature on the four track EP. There is no set release date as of yet, but Tom is expected to drop the remaining two tracks in the coming weeks.

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