Music: Sparks Release ‘Please Don’t F*ck Up My World’

Perfectly timed with B*ris J*hns*n’s majority win in the 2019 British Parliament elections, Sparks release festive track Please Don’t Fuck Up My World. The savvy American duo have captured the sentiments of have the British population and many in the wider world.

The track, a hopeful plea in response to the gloom of recent times, sees Sparks joined by a children’s choir as they gently croon against an orchestra and piano backing. The line “So much now needs addressing, So much now is depressing” strikes a chord with current political and environmental issues.

Sparks released their most recent studio album Hippopotamus in 2017. 2019 has seen them reissue Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins, their 1994 comeback album, and Past Tense – The Best of Sparks.